EDUN - Ryan McGinley

Here is an interesting collaboration.
An amazing photographer of admirable work, Ryan McGinley, collaborated with Edun (Fashion brand founded by Ali Hewson & Bono, and also part of teh luxury LVMH Moet Hennesy - Louis Vuitton group) and made a short fashion film for their spring 2012 campaign. It is stunning, and the butterflies are amazing!

Because the Sochi Winter Olympics are on our screens right now, check out his magic when he shot the
2010 Winter Olympics 

And here are some of my favourite works of Ryan McGinley

The Carni Life

"Indochina, Capa jumps Jeep, two feet creep up the road. To photo, to record meat lumps and war, They advance as does his chance - very yellow white flash"
- Alt-J


Do you understand Taro by Alt J? When i first heard it, I wasn't even going to attempt at pretending I did, or that I  was historically knowledgeable enough to know of a war photojournalist from the 40's/50's by the name Gerda Taro. But that has nothing to do with this post. Nothing.

The only resemblance could be that I don't really understand carnivals either. Except that i still love all the lights. I still want to chase that scary adrenalin feeling on the most unsafest ride. Dogem cars jolt the hell out of me and I never really liked them anyway. I never really got into fairy floss but felt I had to have one just to get that carni vibe. Showbags were the best, but i can't really remember why now. The guys in charge of the rides were a little odd when I was younger, but years later and they are still odd. My friend Alesha (who believes happiness is a pink flamingo) and I went to a small carnival in Coolangatta and got a free ride in the dogem cars.

Indisposable Concept

"Indisposable Concept is all about eliminating the technicalities and proficiencies of photography and providing a level playing field for everyone to contribute in a fun and easy environment."


First thing you must do is check these guys out! Secondly you must go grab some film and participate! Thirdly, you will have fun doing this and the anticipation will remind you what its like to create your own surprises in this instant world.

I grabbed a disposable for $8, took a few photos and shared them with these guys. Its a super rad project created by Stuart Chapman, a Creative and Art Director based in QLD. I see it as bringing back the use of film and all the other satisfaction that comes with it. The not knowing, the anticipation, the rawness of a single moment.

My Roll

Stephanie Somebody

Designer▲Stylist▲Art Director 


I'm not sure how i discovered Stephanie Somebody. I definitely know it was through instagram, and started following because I found her photos aesthetically pleasing. Her overall instagram tile look is pretty enough! So who is Stephanie? A  Melbourne based designer and stylist but also an editing genius with her photos.

Check her website and follow her for a visual simplistic interior appeal.

Bunny Aint No Kind Of Rider

He was a painter. She his muse.  - My favourite Russh editorial

Back in June 2010, I purchased this Russh editorial, and it is still one of my prized possessions of print today. The photoshoot with Tony Ward is probably one of my most favourite ever. And Leve Laguna made the perfect muse. You should also check out the video for the editorial also... and get lost in it for a while...


Alessandro Puccinelli

"To some extent the sea is my guide through life; I think of the sea as an example and a source of knowledge."

Puccinelli is definitely a favourite. Persnally, no one captures the energy and movement of the sea quite like he does. I'm in awe of his passion for his work, but even more so in his dedication to his personal project to the sea, the way he describes and explains his images, in particularly 'In Between' and 'Mare', is really quite beautiful. See for yourself.