The Carni Life

"Indochina, Capa jumps Jeep, two feet creep up the road. To photo, to record meat lumps and war, They advance as does his chance - very yellow white flash"
- Alt-J


Do you understand Taro by Alt J? When i first heard it, I wasn't even going to attempt at pretending I did, or that I  was historically knowledgeable enough to know of a war photojournalist from the 40's/50's by the name Gerda Taro. But that has nothing to do with this post. Nothing.

The only resemblance could be that I don't really understand carnivals either. Except that i still love all the lights. I still want to chase that scary adrenalin feeling on the most unsafest ride. Dogem cars jolt the hell out of me and I never really liked them anyway. I never really got into fairy floss but felt I had to have one just to get that carni vibe. Showbags were the best, but i can't really remember why now. The guys in charge of the rides were a little odd when I was younger, but years later and they are still odd. My friend Alesha (who believes happiness is a pink flamingo) and I went to a small carnival in Coolangatta and got a free ride in the dogem cars.

Sea Adventures

Love like this. 

I feel a sea adventure is stirring. A short trip where its hot. Super hot. A girls trip and a bikini for each day of the week. 
And the following video sums it up nicely, sweet little find with tunes willing me to make a new summer playlist. My hearts on fire...


"There are some things you learn better in calm, and some in storm" .

Willa Cather


I took a trip to Byron with my siblings a couple months back. And it wasn't sunny, it was stormy. That still didn't stop me from swimming and it definitely favoured for some good photography. Love you Byron Bay

New Zealand this year

My brother did a nice thing and bought me a ticket to N.Z.

So of course i will be going. And making sure i pack a camera with me. And warm clothes. And doing all adventurous outdoor things such as hiking, camping, bungee jumping, white water rafting... If you know what else i should check out, let me know. 

But, you should check out this amazing time lapse video of the gorgeous landscapes New Zealand has to offer.