EDUN - Ryan McGinley

Here is an interesting collaboration.
An amazing photographer of admirable work, Ryan McGinley, collaborated with Edun (Fashion brand founded by Ali Hewson & Bono, and also part of teh luxury LVMH Moet Hennesy - Louis Vuitton group) and made a short fashion film for their spring 2012 campaign. It is stunning, and the butterflies are amazing!

Because the Sochi Winter Olympics are on our screens right now, check out his magic when he shot the
2010 Winter Olympics 

And here are some of my favourite works of Ryan McGinley

Ben Briand

"I think it's an essential fact for any performer or artist to fail as poignantly as they can succeed."
- Nick Cave


Ben Briand is an Australian film director and writer.  He was my favourite speaker at Semi Permanent in Brisbane 2013. I was intrigued at all he had to say, but he got me at right at the start by quoting Nick Cave. Bang. Hooked. I was all ears then.

He went through his process of getting a script together stating "The script is almost like the third stage for me rather than the first". It seemed clear that music was the first stage for Ben, its where he gets many of his influences from, "Music sets a particular mood and a particular tone", "Get the sound and then start putting together look books"

The first thing I did when I got home was watch "Apricot", and then I found another favourite of mine. Watch them both below and visit Ben Briand's amazingness and tune into his vimeo for some more unique viewing.

Phillip K Smith III created Lucid Stead

"Like the enveloping vista that changes hue as time passes, Lucid Stead transforms. In daylight the 70 year old homesteaders shack reflects and refracts the surrounding terrain as if a mirage or hallucination. As the sun trucks behind the mountains, slowly shifting, geometric colour fields emerge until they hover in the desert darkness".

- Phillip K Smith III

Using the desert as material and medium and grasping the full effect of light, Phillip Smith installed mirrors on this old 70's homestead in Joshua Tree, California to transform it into a splendorous light play. Its incredible how your sense of perception to your immediate surroundings are heightened as you watch the reflection of the desert evolve indefinitely.

Smith describes his work "Lucid Stead is about tapping into the quiet and the pace of change of the desert.  When you slow down and align yourself with the desert, the project begins to unfold before you.  It reveals that it is about light and shadow, reflected light, projected light, and change."

Read more about the royal project

Dance for Me

From the earliest times, human civilisation has been no more than a strange luminescence growing more intense by the hour, of which no one can say when it will begin to wane and when it will fade away. 

-Sebald, The Rings of Saturn

If I didn't end up fighting Muaythai, I would have danced.  And this little discovery of a Madrid dancer Guzman Rosado featuring in Forest Swords - Thor's Stone had me mesmerised. The producer of the Video Dave Ma is also a freak of talent recording music vids for Flight Facilities and numerous ones for Foals. Read a little more on the production of the video through NOWNESS and then just keep pressing replay as you watch Guzman's incredible body move. 


Gold Coast Arts District


Claudio Kirac is a wonderful man who is creatively gifted with talent across many mediums of art and design. So I asked him to teach me a thing or two and I'm still learning off him! Congratulations to the launch of his studio in the Gold Coast. Tonight is his second solo exhibition called LOVE LETTERS. So more on that later. But for now check out the debut video of the opening.

Sea Adventures

Love like this. 

I feel a sea adventure is stirring. A short trip where its hot. Super hot. A girls trip and a bikini for each day of the week. 
And the following video sums it up nicely, sweet little find with tunes willing me to make a new summer playlist. My hearts on fire...

New Zealand this year

My brother did a nice thing and bought me a ticket to N.Z.

So of course i will be going. And making sure i pack a camera with me. And warm clothes. And doing all adventurous outdoor things such as hiking, camping, bungee jumping, white water rafting... If you know what else i should check out, let me know. 

But, you should check out this amazing time lapse video of the gorgeous landscapes New Zealand has to offer.