Sea Adventures

Love like this. 

I feel a sea adventure is stirring. A short trip where its hot. Super hot. A girls trip and a bikini for each day of the week. 
And the following video sums it up nicely, sweet little find with tunes willing me to make a new summer playlist. My hearts on fire...

Bill Cunningham

Watch this documentary on the fashion world, but through Bill. Its better.

This little dvd has been sitting on my shelf for a year or so. And yesterday it was raining, so I thought this was a good enough time to watch this highly recommended documentary on fashion in New York the way Bill Cunningham saw it.
By the way, if you can recommend other good viewing, please do!

Bunny Aint No Kind Of Rider

He was a painter. She his muse.  - My favourite Russh editorial

Back in June 2010, I purchased this Russh editorial, and it is still one of my prized possessions of print today. The photoshoot with Tony Ward is probably one of my most favourite ever. And Leve Laguna made the perfect muse. You should also check out the video for the editorial also... and get lost in it for a while...



Jumpin' Jimmy


Today was a good day. The sun was out. The coffee was good at Commune. The tunes were even better. And I made friends with a bear. A Native Bear. If you ever come by this place, be sure to try the smoothie 'Jumpin Jimmy'. You won't need to eat for the rest of the day. Its banana, honey and your espresso shot in a milkshake... Sounds pretty damn good doesn't it?  Thats because it is.


"I never left that certain phase in childhood when bright colours, simple shapes and bold outlines of saturday morning cartoons and colouring books were the only images that captivated children for hours" 


Everyone that knows me, or knows me well enough, have a fair idea how much I have a passion for Muaythai (Thaiboxing). And then you will also know how much I love a bit of art, in its various forms. So when you get the two together, I'm pretty excited!

I came across this artist with a style I've been taking an interest and liking to lately. It has a hint of Norman Keith Collins style of tattoo art, more famously known as Sailor Jerry. Which I am a great fan of. Check out Quyen Dinh's tumblr , and some of the work below.

The Cambas Wallace

The Cambus Wallace set sail on her maiden voyage from Glasgow, Scotland in May of 1984.
The ill-fated barque was carrying a payload of whiskey, beer and explosives destined for the Queensland Gold mines. She would never make it...


There is a great bar in Nobby for the folkish people of the Gold Coast. The Cambus Wallace You walk into this cosy, dark place scattering your eyes among the ship, sea and sailormen ornaments. Glance at the particularly satisfying line of fine whiskey selection at the bar. And even hear some vinyl playing Dolly Parton's 'Jolene'.

Being the inquisitive sort I am and a little bit of a history buff, this led me to research more about the voyage of The Cambus Wallace. And what an interesting piece of history! Hit with storm after storm, the Pacific finally engulfed the ship on Queensland waters of Stradbroke Island. And this leads to how Stradbroke Island was seperated into North Stradbroke and South Stradbroke, with the Jumpinpin Channel running between... That damn cargo of explosives from the barque Cambus Wallace.

The Cambus Wallace

All images from Cambus Wallace Facebook page ...take a look and then go in and have a Sailor Jerry spiced rum, or a Bloody Mary with your platter of Spiced Merchant.

Update to my Tumblr

"A picture can speak a thousand words"...

So they say and I've never argued them. But sometimes to read the words can spark a thought, a revelation, or just plain confuse you. Like I might be. Don't go grey over it though. I've just decided that every now and then I have nothing to show, but may have something to say.


StrongArm Press at the Bacon Factor

Print's not dead. I decided to have some fun one cold, winter evening in an old 1930's restored bacon factory...

If you like print. If you like paper. If you like typography. And you don't mind getting your hands dirty. Then this restored 1930's bacon factory is a place for you to visit. Tucked away in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, I managed to get in touch with Clint Harvey, a passionate man who knows more than a thing or two about letterpress. His workshop is eye candy for those who appreciate history, wood, and heavy machinery that makes letterpress possible. This was my first visit, and my first time at practising this fine art of print. I'll definitely be back again. In the meantime, read up on what they are about, here, and have a look at the pics below of me trying my hand at it.


"There are some things you learn better in calm, and some in storm" .

Willa Cather


I took a trip to Byron with my siblings a couple months back. And it wasn't sunny, it was stormy. That still didn't stop me from swimming and it definitely favoured for some good photography. Love you Byron Bay

The Content Diet

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