Ben Briand

"I think it's an essential fact for any performer or artist to fail as poignantly as they can succeed."
- Nick Cave


Ben Briand is an Australian film director and writer.  He was my favourite speaker at Semi Permanent in Brisbane 2013. I was intrigued at all he had to say, but he got me at right at the start by quoting Nick Cave. Bang. Hooked. I was all ears then.

He went through his process of getting a script together stating "The script is almost like the third stage for me rather than the first". It seemed clear that music was the first stage for Ben, its where he gets many of his influences from, "Music sets a particular mood and a particular tone", "Get the sound and then start putting together look books"

The first thing I did when I got home was watch "Apricot", and then I found another favourite of mine. Watch them both below and visit Ben Briand's amazingness and tune into his vimeo for some more unique viewing.