The Cambas Wallace

The Cambus Wallace set sail on her maiden voyage from Glasgow, Scotland in May of 1984.
The ill-fated barque was carrying a payload of whiskey, beer and explosives destined for the Queensland Gold mines. She would never make it...


There is a great bar in Nobby for the folkish people of the Gold Coast. The Cambus Wallace You walk into this cosy, dark place scattering your eyes among the ship, sea and sailormen ornaments. Glance at the particularly satisfying line of fine whiskey selection at the bar. And even hear some vinyl playing Dolly Parton's 'Jolene'.

Being the inquisitive sort I am and a little bit of a history buff, this led me to research more about the voyage of The Cambus Wallace. And what an interesting piece of history! Hit with storm after storm, the Pacific finally engulfed the ship on Queensland waters of Stradbroke Island. And this leads to how Stradbroke Island was seperated into North Stradbroke and South Stradbroke, with the Jumpinpin Channel running between... That damn cargo of explosives from the barque Cambus Wallace.

The Cambus Wallace

All images from Cambus Wallace Facebook page ...take a look and then go in and have a Sailor Jerry spiced rum, or a Bloody Mary with your platter of Spiced Merchant.