The Carni Life

"Indochina, Capa jumps Jeep, two feet creep up the road. To photo, to record meat lumps and war, They advance as does his chance - very yellow white flash"
- Alt-J


Do you understand Taro by Alt J? When i first heard it, I wasn't even going to attempt at pretending I did, or that I  was historically knowledgeable enough to know of a war photojournalist from the 40's/50's by the name Gerda Taro. But that has nothing to do with this post. Nothing.

The only resemblance could be that I don't really understand carnivals either. Except that i still love all the lights. I still want to chase that scary adrenalin feeling on the most unsafest ride. Dogem cars jolt the hell out of me and I never really liked them anyway. I never really got into fairy floss but felt I had to have one just to get that carni vibe. Showbags were the best, but i can't really remember why now. The guys in charge of the rides were a little odd when I was younger, but years later and they are still odd. My friend Alesha (who believes happiness is a pink flamingo) and I went to a small carnival in Coolangatta and got a free ride in the dogem cars.